Occupational Health and Environment Protection as per the Environmental Law

In terms of the environment protection, NPC Springs’ activities meet the RF environmental legislation, namely:

01 Staff training

We train our staff for the requirements of environmental legislation and norms, rational use of natural resources, environment protection measures. As of today, all the responsible managers of our company proved their qualification in the field of environment protection.

02 Waste identification

We identified production waste and elaborated waste certificates.

03 As required by the RF Environmental legislation, we drafted

maximum permissible emission to monitor and reduce emissions;

waste generation norms and waste limits to monitor waste generation, develop waste treatment and recycling procedures;

sanitary protection zone to monitor the activities of the company, mitigate environmental impact.

04 Regular production monitoring

On the regular basis, we monitor nature activities implementation, review, account and assess company performance to prevent environment negative impact.

05 Environment preservation and protection measures

To prevent any possible negative impact on environment, we implement prompt actions to preserve environment, develop processes and maintain the safety of our products.

All the activities are feasible due to the compliance with the following principles

Target-oriented performance of the environment management system focused on emergency, incidents, emissions and accidents prevention.
All personnel is involved in negative environment impact prevention activities with leading role played by the top management.
Action plans and investments at all the levels of business safety management and environment protection.

NPC Springs acts in accordance with the state Occupational Safety policy. Our main object in the field of occupational safety is to establish and maintain safe working environment and occupational health during the operation.

Occupational Safety Policy includes:

To assure occupational safety and labor health of all the employees by incidents and occupational diseases prevention
Compliance of working conditions with occupational safety requirements
Consistent and continual measures for prevention of industrial injures and occupational diseases, including occupational hazards management
Continual improvement of occupational safety management system
Mandatory involvement of employees, authorized bodies in labor safety management and workplace engineering processes complying with occupational safety requirements by means of needed resources allocation and encouragement of such participation
This Policy and its key principles are implemented through the labor safety management system implementation as well as by leading roles of all line managers aimed to the production safety