Heavy-Duty Springs Production Process

Incoming Inspection

First of all, purchased metal is delivered to the raw material warehouse where detailed inspection of each lot of metal is realized, including chemical composition and mechanical properties tests. After that, each rod is put through the sonic test. It means that no one rod with a crack, hairline, pore, inclusion defects could get into the production. Rods successfully passed the incoming inspection examination and released to the production are, firstly, cut-to-length using an automated system.

Cut-to-length rods are loaded to a coiler feeder. Then, each rod individually is heated, wound to a spring shape and quenched. Nanosubstructural hardening of spring steel is realized in the coiler.

Heat Treatment
Quenched springs are heat treated in furnaces to achieve required hardness and relieve stresses.
End Grinding
At this stage, inactive (dead) coils are machined. This is performed in two steps: rough machining by plasma cutting to remove the base quantity of metal and finish machining by grinding using purpose-designed end grinding machines.

Work Hardening
To improve the cyclic fatigue life, springs are subjected to surface hardening. For this, special-purpose shot peening machines are used.
Coating and Corrosion Protection
For attractive appearance and protection against environment exposure, springs are coated with polymer powder in electrostatic field. An automated powder coating line consists of modern equipment made in Europe and ensures the highest quality of coating.

Marking and Packaging
Final operations are labeling and packaging as required by a Customer. We can provide almost any kind of packaging and labeling (marking).
It should be noted that all the equipment is connected to a single network of Automated Process Control System (APCS). Supervisor rooms are equipped with real-time monitors. Process parameters are uploaded to a machine automatically by lot identifier scanning. Due to excluded human factors at every operation, production process is under full control.


This ensures stable high-grade quality of heavy-duty springs produced by Springs Industrial Technology Center.

Nanosubstructural hardening combined with other merits of our production give as a result springs with no equals anywhere in the world.