The basis of the production is put technology for the controlled formation nanosubstruktur in the material. This development is patented and protected by law.

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UWC Enterprises to Suspend Operations

The Enterprises of Research and production corporation United Wagon Company, located at the industrial sites in Tikhvin and Izhevsk, are suspending their operations for the period from March, 30 to April, 3.

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United Wagon Company completes a deal on purchasing 100% shares of NPC Springs

Railway holding United Wagon Company (UWC) has completed a deal on purchasing of 100% shares of NPC Springs from RUSNANO and Izhmash. Therefore, NPC Springs becomes a UWC's plant asset, specializing in production of high strength rail springs for Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ). The deal value and IRR are not disclosed.

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PRUSCHINA - Hersteller von innovativen extra dauerhaften Federn, insb. Druck-, Torsions- und Zugfedern (Nanotechnologie) und innovativen Bauteilen für Eisenbahn- und Automobilindustrie (insb. für Fahrwerke) sowie für Schalttechnik besucht



innovative extra dauerhafte Federn für Ihre Lösungen und Produkte -
alle Wirtschaftsbranchen >> alle Typen von Federn >>
Druck-, Torsions- und Zugfedern >> Klein- und Großserien >>  
Sonderfertigung für Entwicklung von Prototypen >>

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Who we are

NPC “Springs”, LLC is the common project of OAO RUSNANO, OAO Izhmash and Financial Corporation URALSIB.

We produce super strong nanostructured springs with
  • increased durability,
  • service life,
  • geometrical exactness.
The company possesses a new unique patented technology of springs making. This technology has invented in Russia and doesn’t have any analogue in the world.

Also we are looking for clients in different segments such as agricultural machines manufacturing, automotive industry, elevators and other machines and equipments production.



a key technological institute of railway machine building

“We compared this technology with the technologies of other manufacturers under such criteria as: uniformity of specified geometrical and dynamic characteristics, number of cycles to failure, relaxation resistance, productivity and efficiency, ecological compatibility, simplicity and possibility to automate the whole manufacturing process. We have been convinced of uniqueness of the offered project”.


The NITI Progress JSC

a key technological institute of defense industry

The traditional technologies dont allow prolonging springs service life radically. But the high-temperature processing technology that is offered to be realized under the project makes it possible. It has been shown by the experience of Russian and foreign manufacturers that use for prolonging the service life of springs the high-alloy steel or steel of improved quality obtained by electroslag or vacuum-and-arc remelting."