About company

ООО "НПЦ "Пружина" - проектная компания Государственной корпорации "Роснанотехнологии". Наша сфера деятельности - производство сверхпрочных наноструктурированных пружин с повышенными показателями прочности, долговечности и геометрической точности.

Project Participants:


The company possesses a new unique patented know-how of springs making. This know-how is used nowhere else in the world. RUSNANO State Corporation has made the scientific and technical appraisal in the course of project realization. Subsequently positive expert confirmation has been made. According to the experts, the proposed technology is a new scientific achievement. 

Stages of project implementation

Stages of implementation.png 

Major objectives: 

  • Vehicles suspension
  • Production of railcars
  • Power industry
  • Road-building machines and farm equipment


UWC Enterprises to Suspend Operations

The Enterprises of Research and production corporation «United Wagon Company», located at the industrial sites in Tikhvin and Izhevsk, are suspending their operations for the period from March, 30 to April, 3.