The author of the technology, Professor Oleg Shavrin, Ph.D., turned to the issue of springs strengthening as far back as 40 years ago when he was a postgraduate student of the “Izhevsk mechanical institute”. First favorable results were obtained in 1964. It took even longer to apply this technology to the manufacturing enterprises. The first prototypes of technological complexes for the strong springs production were installed at the Izhevsk Machine Building Plant and Tula Arms Plant.

With continuation of the research work, the springs created with the use of Professor Shavrin’s technology were gaining an even stronger foothold in the market, and a small production facility was set up.

For over 16 years these springs were supplied for the Oka cars. The supplier selection criteria were very rigid. The only and most important requirement to win the competition was passing the test on durability at the testing stand. The standard rate equaled 90 thousand loadings per spring without failure. The Shavrin's spring could withstand 200 thousand loadings and kept being perfectly serviceable.

It was clear that for successful product development it was essential to improve its quality level via creation of a high-technology enterprise, which met the European standards of product quality.


In 2007 quite by accident two Ph.Ds - Professor Oleg Shavrin and Professor Vladimir Kutergin, who had already been in this business for many years, met in the compartment of the train Izhevsk-Yekaterinburg. In course of conversation they discussed the idea of creating a modern enterprise for production of the unique super-strong springs. NPC Springs, LLC was established as part of the Izhevsk Machine Building Plant OJSC. The search for investors began.

As the technology of super-strong springs production refers to the sphere of nanotechnologies and changes of steel structure are nano-sized, it was decided to apply to the RUSNANO. After successful consideration of the application, NPC Springs, LLC acquired a status of the project company. The Financial Corporation URALSIB and Izhevsk Machine Building Plant OJSC became the co-investors of the project.

In the end of 2009 the company got the first investments and in one year , in December 2010, the small-batch production line was opened up.

In June 2011, the Opening Ceremony of the first stage of serial production took place.


UWC Enterprises to Suspend Operations

The Enterprises of Research and production corporation United Wagon Company, located at the industrial sites in Tikhvin and Izhevsk, are suspending their operations for the period from March, 30 to April, 3.