Automotive equipment

At present the technology forming the nanostructure inside the springs allows producing the springs for three fields of application:

1)      Springs for all types of car suspensions, notably coil cylindrical ones and coil conical springs;

2)      Springs for the fuel equipment of the diesel engines;

3)      Springs for the valved combustion engines.

When using the steel of the most widespread gradesá the technology provides 25-30% raising of the working stress level (from 1·106 to 1.5·106  cycles in the low-cycle fatigue zone). Also it prolongs service life (number of reversals before destruction) in hundreds of times at the set working press level. Moreover the geometrical parameters and power characteristics are improved (springs camber 10 times decreases). All this allows changing springs construction to save material or to change deformation behavior. The improvement of the springs geometrics for the fuel equipment enhances the efficiency of the engine.


United Wagon Company completes a deal on purchasing 100% shares of NPC Springs

Railway holding United Wagon Company (UWC) has completed a deal on purchasing of 100% shares of NPC Springs from RUSNANO and Izhmash. Therefore, NPC Springs becomes a UWC's plant asset, specializing in production of high strength rail springs for Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ). The deal value and IRR are not disclosed.