Agricultural and road-building equipment

Springs, used for the special machinery, operate under heavy conditions – high-velocity shock loading or high temperature. Such springs are supposed to provide a high reliability of geometric and power characteristics. Springs camber makes mechanisms unserviceable.

We are already delivering the springs for manufacturers of the agricultural machinery and are increasing market presence. What is important for a villager? Important is the reliability, durability and reasonable price of the machinery.

The NPC "Spings" LLC makes superstrong springs using a unique technology; the springs have anticorrosive properties and are reasonably priced.
We produce any kind of springs according to drawings and samples, with a rod diameter from 10 to 70 mm and with a length to 1,600 mm.

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United Wagon Company completes a deal on purchasing 100% shares of NPC Springs

Railway holding United Wagon Company (UWC) has completed a deal on purchasing of 100% shares of NPC Springs from RUSNANO and Izhmash. Therefore, NPC Springs becomes a UWC's plant asset, specializing in production of high strength rail springs for Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ). The deal value and IRR are not disclosed.