Production lines

Incoming inspection
The incoming rolled-metal goes into the raw store where it is subjected to the thorough incoming inspection – checked are steel chemical composition and mechanical characteristics of each lot of metal. After that every rod is tested by acoustic defectoscopy – that means that for production no rod will be used, which deviates from the standard in terms of cracks, hair lines, reed marks and foreign inclusions. At the production stage rolled metal products of high quality in the first place are subjected to the measured cutting by the automatic system. 
Springs winding
Measured rods are supplied to the rack of the unique spring-coiling system, where they go piece by piece through the operations of heating, winding and hardening in fully automatic mode. This system implements the technology of nanosubstructured spring steel strengthening.
After a time interval, specified in the manufacturing process the hardened springs go through the operation of tempering.

Cutting and grinding the spring ends
Then the cooled down springs released from the tempering furnace go through the facing operation on the plasma arc cutting equipment. The best plasma arc cutting equipment in the world – the robot by “Kawasaki” company (Japan) – ensures the unsurpassed quality of the spring ends, absolute repeatability and minimum heat effect.
To relieve the heat-effected zone the spring ends are ground. Used for the grinding purposes are grinding wheels produced in Europe, which provide ultrafast processing that excludes any burns.
Springs strengthening
To extend the springs service life the springs undergo the operations of strengthening. First the shot peening on the super modern plant made in Europe using the world’s best shot blasting media; then repeated clenching on the hydraulic press, where the power characteristics are tested.
The next stage is carrying out the acceptance test of the springs.
Springs painting and protection against corrosion
In order to provide attractive appearance to the products and protect them against aggressive environment, springs are electrostatically painted with polymeric powder in electrostatic field. Automatic line of powder painting includes modern high-class European equipment and provides supreme quality of coating.

Marking and packing
Final operations include marking and packing in compliance with the customer's requirements. We can provide virtually all variants of packing and marking.

Manufacturing Automation
It should be pointed out that all production is submitted to an Automatic Process Control System (APCS) providing the identification and tracing of the production process. Real-time monitors are installed in the foremen rooms. Process-dependent parameters are loaded in the machine automatically when a lot is identified. In each operation the impact of human factor on the products quality is excluded. This allows us to fully control the production process.

That’s why we provide the permanent supreme quality of the super-strong springs made by the "Springs Industrial Technology Center", LLC.
The additional implementation of the technology of nanostructural strengthening guarantees that the resulting springs have no analogues in the world.


UWC Enterprises to Suspend Operations

The Enterprises of Research and production corporation «United Wagon Company», located at the industrial sites in Tikhvin and Izhevsk, are suspending their operations for the period from March, 30 to April, 3.