Know How



The production process is based on technology of controlled homogenous nanosubstructure formation.  The technology is patented and is under law protection.

Due to this technology steel structure is characterized by:

  • better homogeneity, better dislocation density, nanosize of subgrains;

  • smaller size, when compared to traditional processing, of uniformly allocated carbide particles (cementite);

  • nanosubstructure with lineage arising inside a separate grain;

  • middle size of ferrite matrix substructural element is 20-40 nm; all sizes vary between 20-100 nm.

We offer you innovative product with unique characteristics.




We are glad to inform you, that according to the independent test results at Ural department of All-Russia Railway Transport Scientific Production Institute, our springs, have shown the following results:

  • fatigue life increased by at least 10 times

  • workload is 35-40% higher

  • up to 5 times better springs collapse strain.


UWC Enterprises to Suspend Operations

The Enterprises of Research and production corporation «United Wagon Company», located at the industrial sites in Tikhvin and Izhevsk, are suspending their operations for the period from March, 30 to April, 3.