Railway technics

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The most widespread spring of the railway technics is the coiled spring for the bogie cushioning. According to the standard, a railcar service life is 32 years. So long must be the spring service life. In view of the fact that the technologies used by the springs manufacturers cannot provide this, in the design documentation with the design load service life of 500 000 loading cycles is stipulated. A drawback of modern springs used nowadays is camber, which results in coils impacts and shock loads on the frame cause its successive destruction and premature failure of a spring.

Springs manufactured using the technology, which forms in material nanosized structure, feature no in-service camber, retain permanent clearance between coils, thus providing no impacting of coils, operate with no failure with stress increased by 30-40%, thus leading to service life increased by hundreds of times when calculating the working stress.

These spring features allow to create alternative resource-saving design.


United Wagon Company completes a deal on purchasing 100% shares of NPC Springs

Railway holding United Wagon Company (UWC) has completed a deal on purchasing of 100% shares of NPC Springs from RUSNANO and Izhmash. Therefore, NPC Springs becomes a UWC's plant asset, specializing in production of high strength rail springs for Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ). The deal value and IRR are not disclosed.