ISO certificate

An unified environment for processes automation, recording and analysis has been arranged in the company

> 200 types of springs

A modern fleet of equipment has been built up to produce springs of virtually any geometry and characteristics



The technology of controlled formation of nanosubstructures in a material enables creating a fine-grained nanoscale homogeneous structure in a metal, which makes it possible to obtain improved characteristics of springs:

  • Increased fatigue strength (10 times more);
  • No need to replace the spring during the service life of a wagon or car;
  • No length loss during spring operation;
  • Increased relaxation resistance during the service;
  • Increased spring load for newly developed projects;
  • In the development of new projects;
  • Improved geometrical accuracy;
  • Tighter tolerances for spring geometry characteristics (free length, length under load, clearances consistency).
  • Consistent spring pitch preventing from dynamic intercoil collisions and ensuring more consistent spring stiffness throughout the entire strike.






Executive Director

We have passed the active investment phase of the project for 10 years and the stage of qualitative transformations has come. We set high-flying objectives for the future : besides gaining strong leading positions in the market of Russia and foreign countries, our goal is to strengthen the country's economy through the development of a highly efficient business with a perfect production system. And here it is essential not to look like others do, but to keep doing your job well.

The success the company has achieved is a merit of both us and our clients, to whom we are grateful for our collaborative work. We are looking forward to further fruitful cooperation and we will continue to improve the quality of our work for achieving the level of the world standards.