About us

The Company was established in 2010 and since then, it has grown from a startup project to the systemic company of the Udmurt Republic and become the largest manufacturer of railway springs in Russia. A key success was the highest quality of products attained through scientific knowledge and unrivaled technology.

Development Stages

2010: launch of heavy-duty springs production project for railway industry. Three co-investors conceived this project: Izhmash, Rosnano and Uralsib

By its first milestone birthday in 2015, the company’s capacity had dramatically increased. With launching a mass production line of railcar springs, which is capable to process up to 15 000 tons of rolled stock p.a., NPC Springs was able to meet 40% of the Russian market demand.

2015-2020: significant enhancement of the company’s capabilities

We are able to produce springs of virtually any geometry and technical characteristics due to innovative equipment fleet. We have mastered the production of springs with wire diameter of 8 to 70 mm, height of 70 to 800 mm and weight of 0.5 to 150 kg.

Our Quality Management System is improved up to the requirements of ISO 9001:2005, М-1003 (The Association of American Railroads Quality Standard) and ISO TS 22163:2017. The product output meets not only the strict requirements of GOST 1452, CU TR 001/2011 natural for Russian manufacturers, but also EN 13298, UIC822, and other standards.

Accordingly, NPC Springs becomes a springs’ supplier to Transmashholding and Ural Locomotives, and gains approval from French company Alstom for products supply. At the same time, the company continues improving its capabilities: it cooperates with global car-building alliances PSMA and Renault-Nissan-AvtoVAZ, and in the short term, intends to supply products for their assembly lines.

Leadership Factors

NPC Springs involves the most advanced production site and state-of-the-art installed base. The company possesses the unified environment for automatic accounting, analysis and business process management. It offers a full range of functions from the overall raw materials and products traceability to the automated control of equipment process parameters. Elements of Synchronized and Lean Production System were implemented at the company’s site. All products for TVSZ are manufactured in line with the Lean system.

Our experience allows us to offer a full range of services: from design to the customized final product commercialization, including reception of Conformity Certificates. Over the years of operation, the company has accredited 56 spring references for compliance with the requirements of CU TR 001/2011.

NPC Springs gives priority to customization

In-house laboratory and test center gives company a high level of confidence in potential to address effectively any tasks. These facilities allow for combined testing of any raw materials used for spring production, and monitoring of all final product parameters.

However, the predominant resource of NPC Springs is its employees. The company makes notable efforts to provide the staff development: from training and qualification programs to improvement of working conditions and enterprise infrastructure. As a result, the personnel has become a team of true professionals, which sets ambitious goals and knows how to achieve them. NPC Springs is one of the most attractive employers in the Udmurt Republic.

Advanced Products

The technology of NPC Springs is based on controlled pattering of the material nanosubstructure, which makes it possible to considerably improve the product’s properties: the springs do not loss the height in service, have a consistent coil clearance, are non-destructive at 30-40% higher loads, and may have 10 times extended service life when operated under nominal loads. All these factors allow obtaining substantial economic effects amounting to hundreds of millions of rubles.

All these and many other of the product’s outstanding properties were highly recognized by consumers. For this very reason, the springs by NPC Springs are used for passenger cars and freight wagons, locomotives, electric multiple units, metro cars, and tramcars.

Our springs constitute today an integral part of the majority of advanced transport means newly designed in Russia.